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Do today what others won't, Do tomorrow what others can't! - Unknown

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Robert's Thoughts  Robert's Thoughts
My Brother Robert - his thoughts

I finally got a chance to read over your website. That right there is a knee slapper, if you know what I mean. However, you missed a few things that Mom told me about. For example, you forgot to put how you got your teacher in trouble when she didn't believe for saying you had been to Europe as a kid, the time you tried to walk on lilly pads with the frogs, which didn't work out too well I heard, downhill skiing off the back porch in germany, helping the troops pack parachutes, water skiing across the Choctohotchee River, Driving tractors with Grandpa, boating (I hear you went through a few boats) Flying your RC down main street when you were at NC State and hitting a newspaper reporter in the process.  When I heard that story the first time, I fell off of my chair laughing!! Just a few ideas for your website. I'll talk to you later. And remember, just keep hanging in there like a hair in biscuit.


Robert Elkins

P.S: Mom did not write this E-Mail, or have any effect on it.

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Glenn's Website

Myrtle Beach, SC 2011 Fun, Adventure, Family, and in general, living right! That is so much packed into so few words. You see, it is fun hang out with my kids and lovely wife Faye, to ride a motorcycle, and at the same time it is an adventure that will allow you to live right. Let's get too it...

You know, after driving trucks, flying helicopters, working in manufacturing, supply chain management, logistics, IT management, you have to ask yourself how do they all come together? I am not totally sure, but I don't pretend to be in charge either. I pray like it depends on God and work like it depends on me and this is my life until now. I am currently a part of (COO) an awesome flooring company Team Flooring, LLC which has been awesome! Additionally, being a Magician (GElkinsMagic.com) is a huge part of my life which is where I am able to be a magician with a message influence people's lives in a positive way though a medium I truely enjoy. Many remember me as an RC Pilot and business owner, which I am / was. It too is a blast but right now, hanging out with my Kids is way more important and they are not so interested.

To sum it up, I like to do the right thing for the right reason all the time and with a positive attitude, even when it does not make since.

There is more information throughout the site, enjoy!

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