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Do the right thing, for the right reason, ALL THE TIME!

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Last Updated: 6/1/2015

The Kids! Makes all this fun and worthwhile!

Dereck is wrapping up his first year in High School - done well? Let's see, he has had one "B" his first grading period, ran a sub 5 minute mile, sub 11 minute 2 miles, has a great attitude (yes, he is still a teenager and we do have our issues), scored the highest in the school on the Math STARR and scored very high on his English STARR as well. He has worked hard, stayed focused and done well!

Nathan is wrapping up his first year in Middle School, home schooled, and done excellent! He is way ahead of schedule, probably over a year, in fact, he and I did some Algebra and he did awesome. He certainly keeeps his mother challenged to stay ahead of him. He is very smart, and he too has worked hard, stayed focused (ok, he is a red head, so as much as he can) and he has the best attitude toward others of anyone his age I have met! He is deciding on going back into the school system or being home schooled one more year... we will see.

Nathan is very excited about getting an RC Car - "Slash" is what we are looking at for him... he will have fun with it for sure... not sure when we will get it, but probably soon...

Dereck made a Pizza Plane over the past couple of weeks from Foam Board he purchased at the Dollar Store... we put some servos on it and then added a receiver and motor - and yes! He did the MAIDEN FLIGHT (Click for Video) on it this morning. Two flights and both were nicely done... the initial take off was a shady as it was inverted in the first few seconds... Nathan and I had a blast watching him!

Boating has been a lot of fun too! We did Nathan's birthday party at the lake and what a blast! Most of the kids rode the tube and Nathan even water skied. They Kayak and the Sailboat were heavily used as well. Good times!


Glenn's Home Page  Glenn's Home Page

Dad and Nathan in an Alouette So, how do you run into someone and ensure you have done all you can to make them just a little better than when you first ran into them? That is my goal on a daily basis... do the right thing, for the right reason, ALL the time. Not easy, but worth working toward.

OK - watch this... Rubics Cube Solve... You won't believe this!

After driving trucks and buses, flying helicopters and airplanes, working in manufacturing, supply chain management, logistics, IT management, you have to ask yourself how do they all come together? I am not totally sure, but I don't pretend to be in charge either. I pray like it depends on God and work like it depends on me and it seems to work well.

HP1 Ship - 112 Miles Offshore Currently flying helicopters offshore for Era Helicopters, LLC is nothing short of an adventure. Landing on ships, platforms, figuring out where the gas stations are in the Gulf of Mexico is just an adventure. Additionally, being a Magician (GElkinsMagic.com) is another part of my life where I am able to be a magician with a message influence people's lives in a positive way though a medium I truly enjoy.

HP1 Ship - 112 Miles Offshore My kids are getting into Remote Controlled Airplanes which is awesome! Dereck is making airplanes out of Foam from the Dollar store and they fly! Nathan is my Military man and he is very good at thinking though much of what the real military does and he is an excellent shot at long ranges.

Remember to do the right thing for the right reason all the time and with a positive attitude, even when it does not make since.

Do Today What Others Won't, Do Tomorrow What Others Can't!

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